Paper Pulp

The most interesting fact, Purulia Chhau Dance is listed on UNESCO’s world heritage list of dances.The main difference between the Purulia chhau and Orisha chhau is in the use of the mask. Purulia chhau used the mask in dance, but Orisha does not have the mask thereby adding facial expression with body movement and gesture.Traditionally, the chhau dance held in the mid march when one agricultural circle end and a new circle begins.Purulia chhau dancer were the earthy and theatrical mask which represent the mythological characters. After making the shape of mask with clay, it is colored and decorated with Shola and other things.

These Chhau Masks are made by the artists from the Sutradhar community. The making of a mask goes through various stages. 8-10 layers of soft paper, immersed in diluted glue, are pasted one after another on the mould before the mud mould is dusted with fine ash powder. The facial features are made of clay. A special layer of mud and cloth is applied and the mask is then sun-dried. After this, the mold is polished and the second round of sun drying is done before separating the layers of cloth and paper from the mold. After finishing and drilling of holes for the nose and eyes, the mask is colored and decorated.