In the year 1947 after partition. lakhs of people crossed the border of East Bengal now Bangladesh leaving their belongings. Among those evacuees many were Craftsmen.Weavers .They all became distressed and displaced and for their rehabilitation under the stewardship of late Dr.B.C.Roy the former Chief Minister of West Bengal the Refugee Handicrafts Sales Emporium was set up by the Government of West Bengal in 1953 for promoting economic rehabilitation of refugee artisans. During prolong years of its service to the cause. this organization has marketed a large quantity of refugee products consisting of handicrafts & handloom goods of verities.We have already launched our Football & Volley Ball named "Joyee"by Smt. Mamata Banerjee, the honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal which is manufacturing by the rural women of various districts of West Bengal. We are also dealing with other sports accessories as per requirements of the buyer.This organization was blessed by Late Indira Gandhi. Former -Prime Minister of India. Late Prafulla Chandra Sen. former-Chief Minister of West Bengal. late Jyoti Basu.Former Chief Minister of West Bengal and many other dignitaries.Inspire of various changes taking place by this time. The name of Refugee Handicrafts is always involved and indicative of the benefit and development of Weavers and Artisans and pledged to continue the said process.Refugee Handicrafts is managed by a Managing Committee nominated by the State Government. The members of the Managing Committee are honorary member and meet as and when required for talking administrative and policy decision. We have every endeavor to market the products of the Artisans/Craftsmen on the basis of orders placed by us and sometimes buy from them on consignment basis or making direct purchase in accordance to our requirements for sale and supply to the State/Central Government departments. The uniforms for Home Guards /Fire & Emergency /Forest /Relief /Sarba Siksha Mission are supplied by us.